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Why Get Your Parts From Sherman & Associates?
We offer the largest selection of panels, parts, components, and accessories available today, and we add more than 1,000 new parts every year. We specialize in supplying large volume distributors throughout the U.S. with programs built to their specific needs.

Our Highly Trained Staff Is At Your Service!
Our highly trained staff will make sure that your order is correctly placed and processed, whether it's placed by phone, fax, e-mail, or on-line Internet catalog. Every order receives the same prompt, professional attention.

You'll Receive Your Order In One Piece!
Damaged shipments in the Automotive Industry have steadily increased in recent years caused by freight carriers cross docking and roughly handling the freight. Our shipping team has taken every precaution to make sure your parts arrive undamaged. From special foam packing and double-walled boxes to triple inspection, It's our number one priority, and we stand behind our products to make sure your customer receives quality parts first time, every time. 

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