Ready-To-Finish Reproduction 1955 & 1957 Chevrolet Core Body

"We are really excited to be able to offer this complete core bodies to the community of 1955 and 1957 enthusiasts," said Jim Sherman, President of Sherman & Associates.

It's the result of a great deal of work by a dedicated group of people who simply refused to let this American classic disappear into the realm of a 'collector only' vehicle as original body parts become harder and harder to find.

All of the new components used in the core body are precision stamped and assembled here in the USA, using the same technology that goes into today’s vehicles. The difference is that the end result is a faithful reproduction of the'55 and ’57 Chevy bodies.

The core body will fit an original Chevrolet chassis, and is compatible with products from a variety of custom chassis builders designed for that vehicle as well. Original glass and interior components will also fit without modification.

55 and 57 Chevy core bodies are the latest addition to Sherman's product offering, which includes a full line of exterior and underbody sheetmetal, repair panels, external body parts and accessories for vintage to late model General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, and many imported cars and light trucks.

1955    $30,200.00
1957    $30,200.00


1955,1957 Sherman Chevy Body, Complete Core Body, EMI

1955, 1957 Body1955,1957 Chevrolet Complete Body
1955,1957 Chevy Core Body1955,1957 Chevy Body
1955,1957 Chevrolet1955,1957 Sherman, EMI Body
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